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A universe of wholesale and retail high fashion fabrics

Imagine crossing the threshold of the city of textiles.
Every week lots of fabrics from renowned Italian fashion brands arrive at our warehouses.

Our goal is to offer companies and individuals fabrics from the best luxury maisons at stock prices, ensuring the highest quality while giving deadstock fabrics a second chance!

All this is made possible thanks to our specialized team that speaks several languages, including Italian, English, French, Arabic, Russian and Ukrainian. We are ready to support you in choosing the best fabrics, helping you select the right ones for you from the thousands of rolls available in our warehouses.

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We purchase inventories of Italian high fashion brands

Consulting in: Italian, English, German, French, Russian, Arabic and Ukrainian

All fabrics have immediate availability and are ready to use

The quality control & measurement department carefully checks the products

Artful packaging and management of worldwide shipments

All the elegance and sophistication of silk fabrics

With its unique luster and delicate texture, silk embodies unparalleled the essence of elegance. Every scrap of silk is a little treasure, ready to transform into fashion masterpieces. Touch the softness of this fine natural fiber, letting you be captivated by its luxurious feel on the skin.

Silk fabrics lend themselves to sophisticated creations, from evening gowns to elegant garments, imparting an unparalleled elegance. Patterns and colors blend with silk in a dance of beauty, resulting in unique dresses.

Cotton fabrics for maximum comfort and versatility

The natural lightness and breathability of cotton makes it the ideal companion for all seasons. Each cotton remnant represents a small world of possibilities, ready to be transformed into garments that reflect your unique style.

Cotton fabrics are suitable for a wide range of creations, From casual looks to more structured garments, imparting an atmosphere of refined simplicity.

The enveloping warmth of wool fabrics

Wool, with its natural ability to retain heat, becomes an indispensable ally in the colder seasons. Wool scraps and fabrics lend themselves to a wide variety of projects, from classic to more modern garments.

The colors intertwine with the weave of the wool to give you a wide range of options and express your character to the fullest.

A touch of class with leather fabrics for clothing

Immerse yourself in the world of leather, a material that embodies the strength, the elasticity the softness. Whether it is used to create shirts, jackets, pants or to enhance accessories with fine details, its versatility and its pleasantness of touch are always extraordinary.

When you wear leather garments, you feel wrapped in an embrace of luxury and authenticity. Skin is an eternal trend, a symbol of class and style that transcends passing fads!

Fabrics and trimmings for wedding and formal wear

From classic and timeless designs to bold and sophisticated style, our offerings include a wide selection of fabrics ideal for creating wedding or formal dresses. Options include lace, satin, rebrodé, French chantilly and embroidered tulle.

Add value to your garments with exclusive trimmings: bangs, lace, ribbons and bright sequins combine to give your wedding or formal dress a unique touch.

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